Q&A with Rowenna – Owner of Botanica Flowers


If you have been following us for a while or even just scrolling through our website, you would have seen the gorgeous floral arrangements featured at our events. All of these have been lovingly and expertly created by the amazing Rowenna from Botanica.

Ro took some time out of her super busy schedule (between being a floral master and super mom) to answer a few questions about herself and her business.



How long have you been in the business?
For about 7 years, before that I was a teacher – I taught grade 4 for 7 years.

Your favourite flower?
Mmm, this is tough and changes frequently! I love ranunculus, agrostemma – anything interesting that has movement and is different or unusual.

Best part about your job?
Working with clients and turning their ideas into reality. I love being a part of a creative brief and then bringing this to life.

Worst part about your job?
Probably breaking down an event or wedding the next day, after so much time, energy and effort was put into creating it and putting it together.

Your favourite style of arranging flowers? 
I love a natural, organic style of design – playing homage to how things are found in nature. I also love texture as well as working with different colour palettes.

What are the biggest challenges you face in the floral industry? 
Probably the stress of not getting the flower varieties you order and having to make a plan, thinking on your feet, in order to deliver what your client is expecting. As well as often quoting many months (sometimes years) in advance and not knowing how floral prices are going to change or fluctuate – we are feeling this big time at the moment.

Where do you find inspiration? 
From nature, artists, beautiful interiors, and other amazing florists and designers.

When you aren’t working, what can we find you doing? 
Spending time with my family – hiking, being on the beach and enjoying a glass of wine!